Need a reason to stay home from work or school and the regular holidays aren’t cutting it?  Try one of these on for size:

January 1
The New Life Festival (Elder Scrolls)
A day to drink ale and celebrate the new year!  It’s also a day for summoning Clavicus Vile, if you’re into that sort of thing.

January 2
Scour Day (Elder Scrolls)
Originally meant as a day to clean up after the New Life Festival.  This has now become a celebration of its own, because why have one party when you can have two?

January 12
Ovank’a (Elder Scrolls)
A holy day where we offer prayers to Stendarr, the God of Justice, Mercy, Charity, and Well-Earned Luck.  Here’s hoping for a mild and merciful year.

January 15
South Wind’s Prayer (Elder Scrolls)
A day of prayer, asking for a good planting season.  It’s also a day where clerics are said to offer free healing services, but you can argue about that with your insurance company.

January 16
The Day of Lights (Elder Scrolls)
Another day of prayer, taken very seriously in some parts.  Pray for good farming and good fishing during the upcoming year.

January 18
Waking Day (Elder Scrolls)
One of the oldest Breton holidays, with its origin in pre-historic times.  An enormous celebration is held to wake the spirits of nature and herald the end of a long, cold winter.

February 2
Mad Pelagius Day (Elder Scrolls)
A festival held in mock honor of Pelagius Septim III, one of the maddest emperors in recent history.

February 5
Othroktide (Elder Scrolls)
A festival held in real honor of Baron Othrok, and the day he took Dwynnen back from the undead forces who had conquered it.

February 8
The Day of Release (Elder Scrolls)
The people of Glenumbria Moors are probably the only people who care to remember this day.  It’s a celebration of the battle between the Direnni Bloodline and the Alessian Army.

February 13
The Feast of the Dead (Elder Scrolls)
On this day, in the city of Windhelm, a great feast is held and the names of the Five Hundred Companions of Ysgramor are recited.

February 16
Heart’s Day (Elder Scrolls)
The Legend of the Lovers, Polydor and Eloisa, is sung for the younger generation and inns offer a free room to travelers (deal may not be valid in all areas).

February 27
Perseverance Day (Elder Scrolls)
Originally a solemn memorial day for those who died fighting against the Camoran Usurper.  It’s now become one massive party.

February 28
Aduros Nau (Elder Scrolls)
A favorite holiday among college students, Aduros Nau is a day for celebrating the “baser urges” that come along with springtime.  Not for the overly virtuous, nor the faint of heart.

March 7
The First Planting Festival (Elder Scrolls)
A festival of fresh beginnings.  The seeds for the coming year are symbolically planted and disputes are settled, resolutions are made, and bad habits are left behind.

March 9
The Day of Waiting (Elder Scrolls)
On this day, a dragon is said to come from the desert to devour the wicked.  So, naturally, everybody stays inside.

March 21
Hogithum (Elder Scrolls)
A summoning day for the Azura, the Daedric Prince of twilight, vanity, and egotism.

March 25
Flower Day (Elder Scrolls)
A spring festival!  Children pick flowers while the rest of the town celebrates with dancing and singing outdoors.

March 26
The Festival of Blades (Elder Scrolls)
Celebrated mostly in the Alik’r Desert, this day commemorates the giant goblins’ defeat at the hands of the Redguard.

April 1
Gardtide (Elder Scrolls)
A celebration to honor Druagaa, the Old Goddess of the Flowers, rarely recognized in this day and age.

April 5
First Contact Day (Star Trek)
Held in honor of humanity’s first warp flight and first contact with an alien race in 2063.  Kids get the day off from school on this day.  Perhaps you should celebrate with some Roy Orbison on the jukebox or a re-enactment of the Vulcan greeting?

April 13
The Day of the Dead (Elder Scrolls)
According to legend, the dead rise on this day to seek their vengeance on the living, but that’s just an old superstition.
… right?

April 20
The Day of Shame (Elder Scrolls)
Hundreds of years ago, the Crimson Ship was refused refuge because they carried victims of the Knahaten Plague.  Today, people spend the entire day inside, for fear that the ship will return.

April 22
Ancestors’ Eve (Star Trek)
Primarily celebrated aboard the Starship Voyager, this is a day to remember and honor those who came before by sharing stories of our ancestors.

April 28
Jester’s Day (Elder Scrolls)
Be on your guard, for pranksters and pick pockets are everywhere.

May 1
The Rite of Vigyld (Elder Scrolls)
Meant to empower beneficial spirits and weaken “unclean” spirits.  Of course, unless you’re a member of the Psijic Order, you probably won’t know how to do that.

May 7
Second Planting (Elder Scrolls)
A day of peace and celebration.  Reflect on the changes made during First Planting (see March 7th) and make improvements.

May 9
Piccolo Day (Dragon Ball Z)
The day King Piccolo declared his ruling of the Earth and announced that, every year on this day, he would randomly choose a sector of the Earth to be destroyed by his own hands.

Marukh’s Day (Elder Scrolls)
The people of Skeffington Wood pray for the strength to resist temptation, inspired by the prophet Marukh.

May 10
Whacking Day (The Simpsons)
Originally invented in 1924 as an excuse to beat up the Irish, Whacking Day currently involves driving snakes to the center of town and clubbing them to death.

May 20
The Fire Festival (Elder Scrolls)
In ancient times, this day was meant as a display of military and magical might.  Today, it takes on a much more convivial feel.

May 25
The Glorious 25th of May (Discworld)
Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably Priced Love, and a Hard-Boiled Egg!  Memorialize the People’s Revolution by the wearing of lilac.

May 30
Fishing Day (Elder Scrolls)
A boisterous celebration for those who live off of Iliac Bay.  Ironically, the celebration is so raucous, that the fish are scared away for weeks afterward.

June 1
Drigh R’Zimb (Elder Scrolls)
A celebration of the sun, held during the hottest time of the year.  Seems appropriate.

June 16
The Mid Year Celebration (Elder Scrolls)
Temples offer blessings at half-off their suggested donation price!  Sadly, this often leads to blessed adventurers heading off into danger without being fully prepared.

June 22
Summerween (Gravity Falls)
Gravity Falls likes Halloween so much they decide to celebrate it twice!  Go trick-or-treating and carve Jack-O’-Melons!  Just watch out for the Summerween Trickster.

June 23
Dancing Day (Elder Scrolls)
Nobody knows how it started, but it’s celebrated by everyone from nobles on down.

June 24
Tibedetha/”Tiber’s Day” (Elder Scrolls)
A day to honor and celebrate the greatest emperor of Tamriel, Tiber Septim.

June 27
The Dragon Festival (Guild Wars)
After the Emperor was assassinated and the Jade Wind nearly destroyed Cantha, the new Emperor started the Dragon Festival to unite the people.  Celebrate with bottle rockets and red bean cakes!

July 10
The Merchant’s Festival (Elder Scrolls)
A shopper’s holiday where all shops slash their prices by at least 50%! (Participation may vary)

July 12
The Divad Etep’t (Elder Scrolls)
A day to mourn Divat, son of Frandar of Hel Ansei, one of the greatest Redguard heroes.

July 20
The Sun’s Rest Festival (Elder Scrolls)
All shops will be closed in observance of this day.  Citizens may take this time to rest and relax.

July 29
The Fiery Night Festival (Elder Scrolls)
One of the hottest days of the year calls for a celebration that will last through the night!

August 2
The Day of Maiden Katrica (Elder Scrolls)
The biggest party of the year (in Ayasofya, at least) is held in honor of the warrior that saved their county.

August 5
The Return of the Queen (Johnny English)
Pascal Sauvage forced Queen Elizabeth II to abdicate the throne by threatening her corgis, and Johnny English saved the crown.  The Queen declared this holiday to celebrate her return to the throne.

August 11
Koomu Alezer’i (Elder Scrolls)
The old Redguard phrase for “We acknowledge”, Koomu Alezer’i is a day to solemnly thank the gods for their bounty and pray to be worthy of their graces.

August 14
The Feast of the Tiger (Elder Scrolls)
Another day of praise for a bountiful harvest.  However, this one is not remotely solemn, but rather includes an enormous festival and celebration.

August 21
Appreciation Day (Elder Scrolls)
In Anticlere, this is a holy day of contemplation and thanks.  Dedicated to Mara, the protector-goddess of Anticlere.

August 27
Harvest’s End (Elder Scrolls)
One of the year’s biggest celebrations, let’s party after a long year of work and toil!  Eat and drink your fill!

September 1
The Rites of Moawita (Elder Scrolls)
Refer to the Rite of Vigyld, held on May 1st (above).

September 3
Tales and Tallows Day (Elder Scrolls)
Tonight, the dead walk and the most superstitious refuse to speak for fear that spirits will possess their bodies through their open mouths.  Gather together to celebrate the oldest magical science: Necromancy.

September 6
Khurat (Elder Scrolls)
On this day, the best and brightest young scholars are accepted to their various priesthoods and all pray for the wisdom and benevolence of the clergy.

September 12
Riglametha (Elder Scrolls)
A celebration, held in Lainlyn.  Pageants are held to commemorate the barony’s many blessings.

September 14
The Burning of King Olaf (Elder Scrolls)
Also called the “Fire Festival”, the local Bard’s College performs at the festival which includes the burning of an effigy of King Olaf One-Eye, betrayer of Solitude.

September 19
Children’s Day (Elder Scrolls)
A festive celebration of youth!  Not many remember that, when this day began over a hundred years ago, it was a memorial to the dozens of children who were kidnapped by vampires and never seen again.

September 30
Peon Day (Warcraft)
Celebrate the hard work of peons and peasants everywhere with fireworks!

October 5
Dirij Tereur (Elder Scrolls)
A holy day that honors Frandar Hund, the spiritual leader that brought the Redguard to Hammerfell.  Temples are filled and stories are read from Hund’s Book of Circles.

October 13
The Witches’ Festival (Elder Scrolls)
Sorcery and religion clash on this day, and dark creatures may be summoned outside the city.  Perhaps, not a night to wander alone.

October 15
National Grouch Day (Sesame Street)
A day for Grouches to celebrate being grouchy and to try and make everybody as miserable as they are.  Only in other peoples’ misfortune can a Grouch be truly happy.

October 23
Broken Diamonds (Elder Scrolls)
It was on this day in the 121st year of the third era that Kintyra Septim II was killed.  In commemoration of this, a day of silent prayer is held.

November 2
The Gauntlet (Elder Scrolls)
A summoning day for Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of deceit, conspiracy, secret murder plots, assassination, treason, and the unlawful overthrow of authority.  Overall, a good time.

November 3
The Serpent’s Dance (Elder Scrolls)
This may have once been a serious religious ceremony.  Now, it’s simply as good a reason as any for a great street festival.

November 8
The Moon Festival (Elder Scrolls)
Feasting and merriment abound on this day, held in honor of the Moon Goddess, Secunda.

November 18
Hel Anseilak (Elder Scrolls)
From the Old Redguard phrase meaning “Communion with the Saints of the Sword”.  A serious and holy day.

November 20
The Warriors’ Festival (Elder Scrolls)
Weapons can be found for half-price! (Check your local dealer for details)  This may lead to the odd fight or two, but these are usually pardoned on this day.

December 15
North Wind’s Prayer (Elder Scrolls)
A day of thanksgiving to the Gods for a good harvest and a mild winter.  But, what if harvest was bad and the winter is wild?  Then, just remember, it could be much worse.

December 18
Australian Christmas (Team Fortress)
In 1788, Nicolas Crowder arrived in Australia and promptly decided to conquer the South Pole.  On this day, he kidnaps naughty children to build toys for him.  He sells the duplicate toys online for a very reasonable price!

Baranth Do (Elder Scrolls)
A new year celebration!  “Baranth Do” means “Goodbye to the Beast of Last Year”.  Parties are thrown and pageants featuring a demonic version of the old year are held.

December 20
The Invocation of Molag Bal (Elder Scrolls)
The day to summon Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince of domination and the enslavement of mortals.  He also created vampires.

December 24
Chil’a (Elder Scrolls)
May also be held on December 20th, depending on your location.  The ashes of the old year are consecrated in a sacred ceremony, after which the street is filled with parades and balls and tournaments are held.

December 25
Saturalia (Elder Scrolls)
This was originally a holiday for a long-forgotten God of Debauchery.  It is now a time for gifts, parties, and parades.

December 31
The Old Life Festival (Elder Scrolls)
For some, this is a time to reflect on the year past.  For others, it’s a time to drink copious amounts of ale.  For still others, it’s a time to bring their recently deceased to the temples in the hopes that they’ll be resurrected.  We all celebrate in different ways.